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Stephanie Brown is a licensed esthetician with certifications in medical esthetics and laser. She created the Skin Care, laser, make-up and retail departments for Heartland Plastic Surgery.  She was the sole provider of all skin care and laser services for Dr. Cherny from May 2007 to the Fall of 2016.  Originally licensed in Los Angeles, CA, Stephanie began her esthetics career working in a private skin studo in West Hollywood for some of LA’s elite clientele and then went on to provide customized services out of her privately owned business for a few years before returning to Des Moines.   She spent 12 years in L.A. in the entertainment industry modeling, acting in TV and film, spokes modeling for various businesses, and pursuing her esthetics career and makeup artistry.  Her close ties to her parents, brothers, and extended family eventually brought her back “home” to Des Moines.  She still has a passion for the arts and pursues those avenues as much as she can.

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