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S Notes Perfumes by Stephanie

I have always had a love for all things that smell good, particularly perfume. I’ve collected so many of them over the years and often will buy them in my travels from different areas as mementos of that trip or vacation. I love to support the small boutiques and independent perfumers and entrepreneurs around the world.  One of my favorite line of boutique fragrances and designs is OPUS OILS, a Perfume Atelier in Hollywood, CA. All of the perfumes are hand-blended by Master Perfumer, Kedra Hart. She became my teacher and mentor and inspiration for what I do today in my own line of custom-designed and hand-blended perfumes.  I had the privilege and amazing opportunity to take private one on one classes with her and she really taught me the art and history of perfumery and how to begin creating my own.  I learned so much and being able to travel back to LA where I lived for many years was wonderful.  I am able to continue to reach out and learn from her long distance with the convenience of technology.  She has been a lovely guide and support and I have gained SUCH a newfound respect for the true art of perfumery.  Similar to all other art forms, this requires time, practice, repetition, work, tenacity, perseverance, and many failures along the way to create something you feel is worthy to be shared with others.  Fragrance is personal and subjective and all of my hand-blended perfumes, some of them taking a couple years to finally perfect, are an expression of my love for perfume and what it can express and share with others.  Coming from an artistic background of dance and acting, this art form is another way to express and share with others.


I named my perfumery business “S Notes” when I was creating my logo label. I chose the treble clef note which loosely resembles the first letter of my name, Stephanie, in calligraphy format, and is a “play” on notes in music, like the notes in perfume. There are generally (3) basic categories of fragrance notes that create a full-bodied perfume from start to finish. You have your base or bottom notes, your mid or heart notes, and your top or head notes.  So became “S Notes” perfumery.

I’m excited to share these with all of you. It is such a passion of mine, and I feel pure joy when a fragrance I created speaks to you in someway, appeals to your sense of smell, and becomes personal.  Fragrance has the ability to capture powerful memories in one simple sniff. Perfumes can create an entire story of one’s journey. I’m honored to share my journey through scent with all of you.️

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