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LimeLight by Alcone

Founded in 1952 to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industries.  Now the company  is expanding their reach to help women and men everywhere look their best with a natural skin care line and personalized makeup palettes.

Natural Skin Care Line

Cleansers | Face Masks | Boosters |Moisturizers | Body


LimeLight by Alcone developed a super-effective skin care line that is free of harmful chemicals.  This line produces significant results.  The skin care products work to heal, hydrate,  and rebalance your own skin cells.

Cosmetic Line

Complexion | Eyes | Lips | Tools | Customized - Palettes

It is not just the pro industry, tried-and-true formulas that make LimeLight makeup products exceptional, it is also eco-friendly, customizable packaging, profesionally-selected colors, and happiness guarantee.  Professional makeup formulas are superior to consumer makeup formulas because they: 

  • Have more pigment and fewer fillers (a little bit goes a long way)

  • Blend easier

  • Don't bleed, clump, wrinkle, or chalk

  • Always look flawless o the skin

Teen Collection

The custom collection creates a flawlessly natural look perfect for teens and those who prefer a simple, everyday routine.

Men's Line

The ultimate duo formulated specifically for men's unique texture and care requirements.  The effective skin care routine provides the perfect combination of natural ingredients to exfoliate, brighten, and hydrate skin.

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