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Free Again

This special fragrance is an Eau de Parfum Intense. A sandalwood,musk, tobacco, rum, featuring a heart of Honeysuckle and topped with ginger, spice, and bergamot. I love this one! It is a signature fragrance to me as it is named after a special poem I wrote some years ago. It is a deeply personal, vulnerable, heart wide-open piece of poetry. A piece of it I will share:......"with each tender kiss/ And touch of your skin/I feel you are a lifeline/Free me from my self-doubt/Save me from my fears/Embrace me with your Light/Warm my sorrow/Dry my tears.....I am free/ No guilt/No sin/I am free again, free again....."(Excerpt of a poem written by Stephanie Brown)

Available in:10ml Spray Parfum or Oil-roller Blend

Free Again

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