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This fragrance was created and inspired by my beautiful Aunt Kemmie who passed over after a tough battle with cancer. She was a best friend of mine, one of the funniest people I've ever known, a free-spirit, strong, but vulnerable. I loved having her close in my life. She has walked through many seasons with me and always was one of my biggest supporters, championing and encouraging all my pursuits. She loved a perfume with Mimosa and cardamom and so I created this one in her honor. She had a heart overflowing for her children, loved ones, family, and friends. Her spirit was infectious and this perfume featuring musky woods, mimosa and iris florals, and a dash of cardamom, black currant and fig is simply exquisite. "Kemmie" holds a very special place in my heart❤️


Available in:10ml Spray Parfum or Oil-roller Blend


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