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Your skin - Cold and flu season


Cold and flu season is upon us. Our skin suffers when we get sick too. Often times medicines and antibiotics dry out our skin. The nose blowing leaves the skin around our nose raw, dry, and burning.

There are many options to alleviate those symptoms topically but also internally. I believe in a holistic approach to skin health. Let me guide you in treating your skin from the inside out and preventing inflammations in the skin internally.

I offer a variety of exclusive and special skin care supplements that are specifically geared towards the skin and addressing skin concerns ranging from acne, rosacea, hormonal flare ups, broken capillaries, dermatitis, eczema, and many more. These can be taken regularly as a preventative and as a means of correcting internal imbalances and inflammations that are showing up negatively in the skin.

One of the supplements called "Rescue" boosts overall immunity of the entire body and skin.

Let's get through this flu season happy, healthy, and with beautiful skin.

I'm here for you to educate and guide you how you can heal and improve your skin's health from the inside out.

Call now (310) 766-6580 for your appointment!

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