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Bridal Radiance Starts with Healthy Skin


Along with searching for the perfect dress is the desire to look your absolute best on that special day. Everyone has her own vision of the perfect look from simple and modest to full out glam. Whatever your preferred look, you should be comfortable that it is true to who you are. The one variable that stays constant is healthy skin.

With the guidance and care of a professional, you can have the perfect palette ready for your special day. Let Stephanie Brown, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, and owner of HEALthy Skin by Stephanie, be your guide. Stephanie’s studio is a private, intimate setting in a therapeutic environment, providing a comforting escape from pre-wedding stressors.


Timeline for wedding day beauty

6 MONTHS BEFORE THE WEDDING -- CREATE A PLAN OF ACTION This is adequate time to plan your skin care regimen and protocols. Schedule your personal skin consultation and analysis with Stephanie to discuss your specific needs and concerns. She will also instruct you on an appropriate at-home skin care regimen, selecting products you will use during the transformation. This step in the process is often extended to- and utilized by members of the wedding party.

Professional treatments that support the at-home care can include services such as facials, chemical peels, ultrasonic exfoliation, and LED therapy. Set a budget and maximize your treatment plan. 3 MONTHS BEFORE THE WEDDING – STAY THE COURSE Keeping the skin balanced is key to success and reaching your skin care goals. Make a commitment to refrain from invasive skin treatments. Drink plenty of water, eat a clean diet of fruits and vegetables, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly. Continued use of your daily regimen is essential to a positive outcome, as it can take a few months to see the transformation in the skin. 1 MONTH BEFORE THE WEDDING – PLAN THE FINAL LOOK

Schedule a trial make-up appointment. Discuss the type of look you want and bring photos and

examples. Remember, stay true to yourself. Your groom and guests do not want to see you walking down the aisle and not recognize you. Keep it elegant and simple. Avoid “trendy” make-up styles to keep your look timeless and beautiful. Remember to consider any details that may affect the final look, such as spray tanning or altering hair color.

Stephanie is proud to use professional grade make-up products from Limelight by Alcone used by artists in the TV and film industry. She retails these products for purchase prior to the wedding. You may want pressed powder and lip color, for example, for touch ups due to eating, drinking, and kissing -- all part of that celebratory day.

If having hair professionally styled, schedule before the make-up application.

Decide time and location for wedding day make-up. Remember to include in that schedule any members of the bridal party who will also have their make-up done and accommodate accordingly. ONE WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING – ALMOST THERE

Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, stick to your regimen, do not introduce anything new to your skin, avoid stress and breathe. WEDDING DAY – YOU MADE IT

Eat and drink plenty of water. Refrain from excessive alcohol and salty food consumption the night before to avoid puffy eyes and a swollen face.

Stay on schedule with your make-up and hair.

Breathe deeply and be in the moment.

Enjoy the memories you will be creating and do not worry about your skin, Stephanie has you covered.

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