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Rhonda Allison - Skincare for Men

Rhonda Allison Skin care for Men!!!

Yes, men ARE conscious of their skin health and beauty, and overall anti-aging just like us ladies.

Men's skin is comprised differently so they need products geared just for them. Most men shave daily, or often, and as wonderful as that continued exfoliation (removal of the dry, dead skin cell layer) helps keep their texture smoother and is anti-aging, many men suffer from razor burn and irritation, ingrown hairs, folliculitis, chafed skin, etc.

Treat your man to the Rhonda Allison shave kit which includes a shave oil, shave gel and shave brush. This kit is awesome!! In addition to the kit, there are everyday skin care regimen products including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, SPF, eye cream and anti-wrinkle peptide serums. They are in cool, masculine packaging, perfectly appropriate for any man.

Hint: Valentine's Day is a mere month away - how about treating him to a men's facial and/or some skin care...he'll love you for it! ️

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