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Summer is finally here!!!

We just wrapped up the first full weekend of summer!!! It’s finally here! Yay!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful summer vacation, enjoying the outdoors, water activities, and patio grilling. For all you vegetarians and vegans like me, grilling your veggies is good too!! Yum!!! ;) Along with eating all the fresh fruits and veggies from your local Farmer's Market this summer to keep you healthy inside, don't forget to be armed with an effective sunscreen to keep you beautiful outside. Because we are spending more time doing outdoor activities, we must not forget to put that sunscreen on first thing in the morning and reapply as needed, generally every 1.5-2 hours depending upon activity. If you are in and out of water, or sweating excessively, you may need to reapply more often. I wrote a blog about sunscreens back in March at Spring break time, so please refer to that article for more in depth information on sunscreens. Protection from UV exposure is key to healthy aging of the skin. Many of my clients are concerned with aging gracefully and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and those pesky brown spots or sun spots can be frustrating. The summer tends to bring out those uneven skin tone patches and make them more visible due to exposure to sun and heat.

Hyperpigmentation, the technical term for those sun spots, is an inflammatory response in the skin. The skin releases an enzyme when exposed to factors like UVA/UVB rays and heat causing the melanocyte cells in our skin (the cells that give our skin color) to become very active in creating an "umbrella" to protect that exposed area from further damage. This excessive activity of those cells in the skin is what creates that "umbrella" in the form of a sun spot, or brown discoloration that we love to hate. Another kind of hyperpigmentation, melasma, is caused by a hormonal imbalance internally and that can be exacerbated by sun and heat too. This type of discoloration often appears fairly symmetrical on both sides of cheeks, forehead, upper lip, for example, and has been nicknamed "pregnancy mask". It can be caused by pregnancy or nursing, but also from birth control pills or other hormonal treatments. It is persistent and challenging to correct. So to stay on top of this throughout the summer, sunscreen is key as I mentioned, but the use of antioxidants can help further support the skin as well. Antioxidants fight free radicals and help protect the skin from further break down. The Rhonda Allison skin care line I carry has some amazing antioxidant products that can be used daily to add to your morning regimen and keep that skin protected, enhancing the use of your sunscreen. Vitamin C, niacinamide, and resveratrol are some popular antioxidants found in these products to name a few. Some of my favs from the Rhonda Allison skin care line are ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX SERUM, C-STEM CELL, GRAPESEED HYDRATING SERUM, and BLUSHED WINE GEL.

In my new Suki Skin care line (BTW- I'm obsessed with this line- it's so pure, the ingredients are super concentrated, no synthetics of any kind, and organic) her serums are loaded with healthy botanicals that absorb super effectively into the skin and provide maximum healthy skin support. Her EVEN-TONE BRIGHTENING SERUM is a must for those of you wanting to reverse and prevent hyperpigmentation. This amazing serum contains her strong, safe, solutions: Vitamin C, licorice root, arbutin, and lemon peel to name some of the key ingredients. The RADICAL RESULTS YOUTH SERUM is also a stellar product for discoloration, lines and wrinkles, skin clarity, and radiance. This contains her unique SSS-retinol, vitamin C, resveratrol, CQ10, vitamin E, as well as her other signature calming and healing botanicals. This entire line works for all skin types especially my sensitive, rosacea, acne prone, compromised barrier types, or for anyone wanting a purely natural skin care system with clinical results that works deeply and effectively into the skin. Remember to keep those brown spots and other signs of photo damage at bay. We must not only address the superficial "spot" or "patches", but repair and heal the skin deep inside and reduce inflammation.

Being consistent with your regimen is truly the key to beautiful and HEALthy skin. I'm available for skin consults either in person or via the phone if you have further questions regarding your specific concerns or needs. There are a variety of products to choose from and I'm happy to guide you in choosing the best fit for you and your skin.

Enjoy this fun in the sun SAFELY!! (wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and UV protective clothing are great additions too) Here's to a Happy Summer and HEALthy skin :)

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