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Let's Talk Teen Skin!

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Spring has officially "sprung" and it's time to renew, refresh, and revive. The skin needs a little tune up and many of my young adults who are experiencing the all too common "teenage acne" issues are thinking about getting their skin clean and clear for the prom dance and pictures, graduation photos, and having beautiful summer skin that doesn't need to be covered up with a lot of makeup.

So let's talk simple, effective skin care tips to aid in achieving that blemish-free skin.

First of all we must preface that by discussing briefly that the root cause of acne originates in the overall health of one's gut. Yes, that's right. You heard me correctly, if your digestive health is good, your skin is clear, healthy, and beautiful too. So one must examine their diet to see what kinds of foods they are consuming regularly, if they are flushing their system with proper amounts of water (not sugary sodas, juices, and sweet Frappuccino’s from Starbuck's), and how they digest those foods. This is the root of skin health and acne pimples are the symptom of it. We have to address both with an inside/out approach to get the best, long lasting results. In addition hormonal changes play a huge role in what causes teenage acne.

Eating more fruits and vegetables and Whole Foods in general, preferably mostly plant based is ideal for keeping a healthy balance and not polluting the gut which then fights to eliminate those toxins in the form of those nasty, aggravating pimples on the skin. The main offending foods are dairy, refined sugars, processed foods and fast foods, and wheat or gluten products. Since acne is an inflammation of the oil gland, eating an anti-inflammatory diet, the whole foods diet, will assist in keeping the skin clean and clear.

For the outside approach, treating the symptoms part of it requires a daily and nightly skin care routine. Consistency and due diligence is the key. It's no different than brushing and flossing one's teeth for good teeth and gum health. This routine includes a good cleansing, treatment, and moisturizing product. And one more final tip, pay attention to how often you touch your face with your hands, as our hands carry a lot of germs and bacteria which exacerbates acne. Wipe your cell phones down frequently with an anti-bacterial wipe, make sure your pillow cases get cleaned regularly, watch your hair products, gels, and hair sprays being close to skin as those can be pore clogging, always wash face after sweaty sports and activities, wash make- up off thoroughly before bed time, and wash hats, ball caps, and athletic helmets of dirt and bacteria as those left unattended to can ignite acne flare ups too. I am working on a YouTube page specifically for teens that will feature videos and education on skincare and makeup application. In addition, I am going to make a page just for you on my website to help you combat all things teen skin! Watch for more information. It will be available soon! Let's get together and Spring into HEALthy, clear skin! Stephanie Please contact me to schedule your teen facial and we'll begin clearing the skin and getting you started on a routine specifically for you!

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